About Us


Quality Time Child Care and Preschool has been serving communities in Suffolk, Virginia for 17 years and serving communities in Smithfield, Virginia for 13 years.


Quality Time Child Care and Preschool’s goals have been developed from extensive research on how children develop and learn. Our program goals include:
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  • Setting the stage for the happiest, most productive, self-fulfilling year possible for each child.
  • Stimulating optimum development of skills in social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative areas.
  • Instilling in each child a sense of self-worth.
  • Fostering independence, to help each child acquire a positive self-image.
  • Conveying that the child is an important, contributing member of the program; he/she is valued for being him/herself.
  • Providing challenging learning experiences, from a well-balanced curriculum program, that fosters a desire for the quest of knowledge and a zest for learning.
  • Providing learning experiences, through curriculum, which spark the child’s curiosity, and set into motion his/her thought process.
  • Ensuring a happy transition from the home environment.
  • Providing social experiences with peers and adults that develop knowledge of human relations and human interactions.
  • Instilling in the child respect for him/herself, and for others feelings, beliefs and actions.
  • Stressing the value of friendship, and its many dimensions.
  • Guiding children in finding acceptable outlets for the expression of negative emotions.Arts & Crafts