New Parents

Checklist for Enrollment

Please make sure you have all of the following forms completed when you return your enrollment package to the center.


  1. Enrollment Application
  2. Birth Certificate or Hospital Paper
  3. Physical and Shot Record
  4. Policy Agreement
  5. Medical Authorization
  6. Financial Statement
  7. Emergency Contact Form
  8. Allergy Form
  9. Photo Release Form
  10. USDA Form

Please bring items listed below on your first day of attendance. Make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name.Bag_Fotor

  1. Two changes of clothing (weather appropriate)
  2. Diapers and wipes
  3. Sheet and blanket
  4. Classroom supplies- Refer to supply list for your child’s classroom


Quality Time Child Care and Preschool Forms

Photo Release Form

Allergy Form

Authorization Form for Non-prescription Over-the-Counter Skin Products

Medication Authorization Form for Prescription and Non-prescription Medication

Health Policy