3 years old

Pre-Kindergarten III

( Older 2 year olds & Younger 3 Year olds)


In 1995, FunShine Express developed the Buttercups Curriculum, a theme-based childcare curriculum adaptable for children 6 months to 36 months. The curriculum incorporates music, language, art, and cognitive, social and sensory experiences for your child.

Along with activities, FunShine Express provides Board Books, manipulatives, vocabulary and sign language posters, puzzles, and many more learning materials to assist with your child’s individual success. The teachers choose from a variety of activities that best fit your child’s needs based on age, interest and ability. To keep parents informed, FunShine Express provides a monthly newsletter with themes, classroom activities and activities to reinforce the curriculum at home. This curriculum helps your child build vital skills essential to their successful in later years.

Funshine Express Buttercups Curriculum Information